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Here’s a little fact for you all- this is a prologue - made especially as a little taster treat before we hit with issue 1. These pages won’t actually be in issue 1 - so here they are in all their glory .

Say hello to your next favorite comic.

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On your left

Well, I know what I’m seeing.

This weekend is also Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars day two days prior o_0 Best. Weekend. Ever.

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"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Every time I see Jimmy Fallon keep a straight face I get so excited and relieved it’s like seeing a toddler walk down stairs without falling like God I didn’t think he had it but he’s okay. 

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star lorde


star lorde

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"Does this mall have a Lego Store?"

things Matt Fraction asked the crowd today (via wraparoundcurl)

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"Lying on the floor, curled up—this is why I no longer believe
in epiphanies, in profound revelations, because how stupid is the one I’m having: don’t want to die? How inane, “realizing” the
thing you always knew, from your first breath, that you’d prefer to
live, to see the people you love? What sort of pointless realization is that?"

Jess Walter, “The Financial Lives of the Poets”

"So I make one phone call, and just like that, we’re eating pizza
at 6:30. What is this world? You tap seven abstract figures onto a
piece of plastic thin as a billfold, hold that plastic device to your
head, use your lungs and vocal cords to indicate more abstractions, and in thirty minutes, a guy pulls up in a 2,000-pound machine made on an island on the other side of the world, fueled by viscous liquid made from the rotting corpses of dead organisms pulled from the desert on yet another side of the world and you give this man a few sheets of green paper representing the abstract wealth of your home nation, and he gives you a perfectly reasonable facsimile of one of the staples of the diet of a people from yet another
faraway nation."

 Jess Walter, “The Financial Lives of the Poets,”